Diet Programs

Diet Programs- In the November, 2020 issue of First Magazine for Women, Dr. Oz suggested he had the Holy Grail of weight loss programs that could result in a loss of 48 pounds before Christmas.  With our calculations it would allow the average woman to lose about 7 pounds a week for 6-7 weeks.  If that wasn’t crazy enough it would be good to put in perspective that this recommendation plan would be his 200th different miracle diet.   Is this what really works?  Is this what we really need?

It is impossible to avoid marketing for weight loss, it is so integrated into social media, web surfing, watching TV, or listening to the radio. Countless commercials bombard us, promising results—sometimes without even trying! Everything from pills that naturally burn fat to plans with dramatic results requiring little to no effort are marketed heavily, and often, at a steep price. Commercial plans often use “real people” to tell their amazing weight-loss stories, urging you to sign up and be just like them. Signing up may entail enrolling in a program that requires you to purchase supplements, their brand of food, devices, apps that charge a monthly fee.

If the promised results of a product sound unrealistic, they probably are. While obtaining a beach body in sixty-days by simply taking a supplement sounds enticing, it isn’t reasonable or realistic for anyone. Successful weight loss requires a more sensible and healthy approach: reducing caloric intake and increasing exercise. Eating healthier foods and setting a healthy weight loss plan of about one to two pounds a week (consult with your doctor about the best trajectory for your needs).

All commercial weight loss plans are not the same. Many offer sound advice and support and can help participants succeed in meeting their goals. This article will help you evaluate and adopt a plan that is right for you.

Opportunities for weight loss are all around us.  Probably the fastest way to search for these opportunities is just by doing a google search.  What books, websites, YouTube videos, mobile apps, commercial weight loss programs are there?  These days getting information from reliable sources and good reviews is essential.  Remember that your journey has been taken a million times by other people.  Look at what made them successful in their quest.  For most people, a one to two pound loss per week is a healthy trajectory for a weight loss program.

Books are one way to build an action plan. Books about weight loss are immensely popular, often becoming bestsellers and there are hundreds of them. There is an enormous market for self-help and lifestyle books, and the weight loss and dieting subcategory is a big one.  Choosing the right book to guide you through your weight loss journal can make all the difference between success and failure.  An effective diet book will guide readers through sensible changes in diet and exercise with advice about monitoring your goals. For most people, dietary changes and a few investments like walking shoes or hand weights will not cause a financial burden.  Discuss your individual needs, your plan, and your goals with a qualified doctor before choosing a weight loss book.