Critical Statistics:

  • 42% of Americans have obesity, 35% more are overweight
  • Only 1% get care for this chronic disease
  • 80% of Diabetes, 60% of Heart Disease & 40% of Cancer is caused from obesity
  • Over the past 50 years we have failed over 5,000 times to prevent it
  • Obesity represents $1.7 Trillion Dollars or 9% of the US GDP
  • 60% of COVID deaths were related to Obesity
  • 20% of all Americans have 3 or more chronic diseases
  • In a recent Georgia study 75% of parents didn’t know their children had obesity
  • Added sugar is as addictive as cocaine
  • Only 26% of grocery store foods have no added sugar
  • 50% of Americans will have obesity by 2025, 60% by 2030
  • The average weight gain during Covid-19 was between 8 – 12 pounds
  • In the last 60 years the health care costs in the US have increased by 725% but mortality rates have only increased by 12%
  • In the last 60 years McDonald’s Restaurants have increased by 610% and the number of doctors has increased by 420%
  • People with obesity rarely live past 85 years old
  • A simple negative balance of 100 calories per day on average will translate to a 10-pound weight loss per year
  • According to the American Council of Exercise, only 5% of dieters are able to successfully keep the weight off after dieting

We Celebrate All People!

The perception of obesity is a lack of willpower over food.  But, research confirms that life events, genetic risk, mental health, stress, food, biology, food advertising, sleep, stigma, fitness, and healthcare access all play important roles in understanding and treating weight management and overall wellness.  People who are overweight & have the chronic and deadly disease of obesity people are no different than anyone else.  The days of any judgments or shame need to be in the past and we all must love, respect and be kind to everyone!  People are beautiful no matter what size or shape they are in.  People can be happy and successful for many years with extra weight.  Our goal is to offer solutions for a longer and higher quality of life for those that desire it.  Our mission is to educate and offer awareness to the most critical problem now facing all of humanity.

Our Story…

We started a non-profit in 1995 known as the Massachusetts Science Center.  For 25 years we were one of the leading organizations in America for science research and education.  We worked with millions of school aged children developing a wide range of hands-on science, math, cooking, fitness, & wellness curriculum programs.  We worked at over 800 pre-schools to middle schools.  We created some of the bestselling science education products in the country.

But, we began to notice some alarming trends about children’s health and in 2018 we embarked in a no cost wellness program for children – and the results were incredible.  This local notable pilot program from the 2018-2019 academic year in the Boston area included a 92% increase in desired fitness and health outcomes; a 64% reduction in electronic device usage; and a 78% decrease in obesity.  We realized that the program could easily be adapted and modeled with this same dramatic success all across America.

After talking with thousands of adults over the past year it has become very clear that many don’t understand what obesity really means and how it is changing our society for the worse.  You see, the real cause to most of the major diseases is obesity but most of the professional organizations don’t want to publicize it.  That is today’s reality and we intend to change it.

Please take a look at our many programs and ideas.  We would welcome your support and we know that we can help you become a success in your journey!

We are a different kind of Association. We don’t offer professional journals or have scheduled medical conferences at this time. Unlike hundreds of other obesity related organizations our focus is the cure and offering solutions for every American to have longer and happier lives. As one of our PSAs state, over the past 50 years there have been thousands of research articles and initiatives about the disease but nothing has slowed down its rapid course – a seemingly runaway train without an end. In 50 years almost every disease has increased tremendously in the amount of those both afflicted and those that have died – much of that has to do with obesity.  Our new study including CDC statistics will show that obesity will rise to 50% in just 4 short years and 60% by the year 2030.  Change really needs to start today.

2020 Research Study

The lack of knowledge about the overall obesity problem was solidified by the results of our informal November 2020 Survey.  This was a consumer research study on perception.  This survey was completed by a random group of 1,724 adults from our education website and we did not inform respondents about the importance on the subject of obesity.  For their participation the adults received hands-on STEM materials for their elementary school aged children which is the reason they visited our web site.  The results were alarming to say the least.  We averaged their score answers on the left and then to the right put the correct answer.  Here were the 12 questions:

1.  How many pounds should the average 5’4” woman weigh?

          160                         130

2.  How much revenue did the American Heart Association earn last year?

          $50 million              $945 million

3.  What % of cancer is related to obesity?

          5%                         40%

4.  What % of diabetes is related to obesity?

          10%                       80%

5.  How much revenue did the American Cancer Society earn last year?

          $100 million             $1.7 billion

6.  How many calories are in one pound?

          2,500                      3,500

7.  Of the 200 chronic diseases how many have seen decreases in total deaths in the past 10 years?

          10                          2

8.  How many people died of obesity last year?

          5,000                      2.2 million

9.  How many years of your life would you lose if you had obesity?

          2                            5-10

10.  What % of heart disease is related to obesity?

          10%                       40%

11.  How many pounds overweight are you if you are obese?

          100                         50

12.  What is the total percentage of American adults that are either overweight or obese?

          55%                       75%

If you took the survey how close were your answers?  As you can clearly see there is a huge disparity from perception and fact.  As we researched so many failures on obesity programs in the past we discovered that awareness and education were the keys to success.   There is such a real disconnect with perception and reality that we are profoundly making bold changes and creating very real and immediate action plans to get America healthy again.


  • The 3 Minute Fitness Challenge
  • National Warning Labels for Added Sugar
  • National PSA Campaign on Obesity
  • Superheroes Lila & Rugby Fight Obesity
  • The Celebrity Obesity Program
  • Unplug America Day (October 2, 2021)
  • Employer Wellness & Nutrition Programs
  • National Sugar-Free Foods Week (May 2-8, 2021)
  • National Fitness Day (May 1, 2021)
  • 101 Ways to Live Better

A 78% Decrease in Obesity

For 50 years there has been over 5,000 different recommendations and initiatives to prevent obesity but unfortunately all have them have failed.  Now comes a solution!  If society has learned anything from the Coronavirus it is that good health is critical.  So to get America healthy again the American Obesity Association has introduced several bold national programs to reduce obesity.

One of those solutions is our Top Secret Spartan’s fitness and wellness program which has had extraordinary results.  This unique approach not only encourages participants to enjoy learning it also produces incredible success. Notable pilot program achievements from the 2018-2019 academic year in the Boston area include a 92% increase in desired fitness and health outcomes; a 64% reduction in electronic device usage; and a 78% decrease in obesity.

For more information please visit Top Secret Spartans under Programs.  

Fitness – Nutrition – Wellness

There are many simple steps to find balance in your life. Many of these ideas require the right availability of resources and then taking things one step at a time. One of our PSAs says “If you drink water instead of a bottle of water every day for one year you could lose 25 pounds.” Don’t look at things quickly. This is a process of understanding your long term goals which in turn will change your life dramatically.

For more information please visit our Treatments section.

One Man’s Quest to Change The Health of America

It started when our CEO was young.  He and his sister were close in age.  His parents were both average in weight.  His mom cooked them the same meals and both were active.  The only thing different was that his sister was always obese.  Why?  For the next 50 years his sister would try to lose the weight through dozens of diets.  None of them worked for her.  She was bullied because of her weight for years.  Back in those days bullying was just a way of life.  It definitely caused her pain and that pain made her eat more.  As it turns out only now has she turned a corner on her obesity disease.

That story resonates in almost every family in America.  Luckily at the helm of the AOA Michael Bergen may be just one of the healthiest people in America.  That’s a bold statement but it comes from a lifetime of eating well, exercise, good genes and a very healthy and happy lifestyle.  Michael would like to be one of the leading forces to take charge of the quest.  There is so much to do and he has created new and bold ideas to move things rapidly forward. 

As scientists we didn’t really didn’t know much of the treatment of obesity until recently.  The AMA identified and then classified obesity as a chronic disease only 10 years ago and now there has been considerable research of its causes.  As we know now it is not just about weight management but more a systemic way of life.  It is caused by genetics, fitness, food, advertising, accessibility to good food, etc.   Mr. Bergen is ready and able to improve the health of America.