Medical Specialists – There are many healthcare professionals that have a wide range of backgrounds in the prevention or treatment of obesity. These professionals have degrees or advanced degrees in weight management, nutrition, dietetics, etc.  Although anyone can be called a nutritionist, medically proven programs are designed and implemented by Registered Dieticians, Registered Dieticians, Physician Assistants, Physicians and Bariatricians. In the journey of a lifestyle change there may be the need to work with a team of professionals as is the case for many serious and chronic disesases.

Currently there are over 1,000,000 doctors (Medical Specialists) in the United States and about 3,000 of them are specialized in and certified as bariatric surgeons. These surgeons work at hospitals, private practices and health care centers.  We have listed by alphabetical order the names, addresses, phone numbers and websites of all 839 bariatric centers.  There are also more than 60,000 registered dieticians and nutritionists across the country.  In total we have compiled a short list of over 2,000 of these credentialed obesity professionals.  If you can’t find a local specialist near you please give us a call and we will try to help you locate people in your area.  Please note that the AOA doesn’t recommend any particular professional on any list that we publish.

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