Project Description

November 15, 2020

Wait?  What?  Who would possibly celebrate having any of the 200 chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease or diabetes?  You will never see a commercial where the spouse gets the phone call from their doctor and they tell them they have cancer and the other spouse starts to celebrate.  Then why would we celebrate a person from having any disease?  There has been a growing movement for body positivity – that everyone should love their own bodies no matter what they look like.  The model Tess Holliday has made millions of dollars over the past 5 years as a plus size model.  Body positivity means loving your body whether you are thin, curvy, muscular or anything in-between. To be body positive is to not feel pressured into fitting a certain mold of what society or those around you perceive as beautiful. It is about being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what color it is or what shape it hugs.

We absolutely agree that everyone has the right to not feel discrimination about their weight.  But, a clear canard is that someone’s obesity doesn’t hurt anyone else.  Right?  Wrong.  The biggest cost to obesity is at the workplace where 60% of the cost ($1.2 trillion dollars) is from decreased workforce performance.

We at the AOA will never shame or judge.  We are here to say that 120,000,000 Americans need resources and support to battle a disease that will on average steal 5 years of their lives.  Let’s not celebrate it.  Instead of saying someone is obese say they “have” obesity.  That is the first step in awareness and creating action plans for a healthier lifestyle.