Project Description

November 6, 2020

  Just imagine that headline!  In reality it is true.  Since so many people with cancer and diabetes have obesity and obesity has major job discrimination In a November 6, 2020 article appearing in, Dr. Cate Varney from the University of Virginia states that most physicians aren’t prepared for helping their patients with obesity.  There is such a huge medical bias because 90% of medical school deans think obesity is a “low priority”.  Dr. Varney says research indicates that the disease takes eight (8) years off your life on average and that it is associated with over 200 other medical conditions.

  To make matters worse medical students in all their years of training only spend an average  of 10 total hours learning how to prevent or diagnose obesity.  The take away might be that big pharmaceutical companies may have a major push to look at other diseases because of profits even though obesity is the cause to many chronic illnesses including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Case in point is that with eight (8) medications available now for the treatment of obesity only 2% of patients get prescriptions from their doctors.