The story of Lila came from our success of our school wellness & fitness program administered by the AOA. The program to date has had a dramatic

• 78% decrease in obesity &
• 92% increase in desired health & fitness outcomes

Lila appears at many local schools offering hope, inspiration, motivation and valuable resources in a kid-fun way. She is a strong and bold superhero that can offer a deep personal connection that is desperately missing from society today.

First and foremost Lila is a female superhero, the only costumed enrichment presenter in schools today. How do we know? We have over 25 years of non-profit experience as scientists doing enrichment in schools. We have successfully worked hands-on with over

1.5 million students locally and with over 40 million globally. All in all we have offered STEM, nutrition, fitness and wellness programs to children at thousands of schools.

#1 Key to Prevention is Awareness

Lila is a FREE one hour educational program that can take place in a school gym, cafeteria
or outdoor space for schools having up to 500 students. It is a customized wellness program that teaches kids about fitness, nutrition, and the prevention of obesity. The program is upbeat, fun, energetic, hands-on and engaging. Lila uses humor to get her points across and gives each student a package of resources including games, trading cards, discounts, and wellness information that the kids love and take home. She is fun, kind, smart, loves animals and knows how to build rapport quickly with kids of all ages. She has super powers and uses special crystals to create light and motivation. Lila also pals around with her best friend and faithful dog named Rugby.

Together they battle evil villains that represent poor habits like Pizza Face, Sugar Cube, Lazy Jack and Soda Girl. She never harms the villains but does offer a lot of attitude adjustment!