Ways to Live Better – There are thousands of ways to improve your quality of life.  We mention 101 here.  Of course not all of them will affect you or will allow you to participate for a lot of reasons.  Not everything works for everybody. 

  1.  Drink Water Instead Of Soda

  2.  Start a Hobby

  3.  Find Clarity & Focus

  4.  Stop Eating Foods with Sugar

  5.  Make a Weekly To-Do List

  6.  Start a New Friendship

  7.  Help Someone Who May Need Your Help

  8.  Start or Continue Your Family Tree

  9.  Spend Some Time With A Distant Relative

10.  Foster An Animal

11.  Laugh More Often

12.  Make New Travel Plans

13.  Pay It Forward

14.  Write A Handwritten Letter

15.  Learn A New Activity

16.  Make Walking a Routine

17.  Stop Drinking Soda

18.  Read A Book

19.  Take A New Class

20.  Learn To Sew

21.  Create A New Budget

22.  Reduce Heating & Cooling

23.  Write In A Journal 5 Minutes A Day

24.  Create 2 New Goals For This Week

25.  Say “I Love You” More Often

26.  Do 1 Thing To Fix Your Credit

27.  Thank More People For Their Contributions And Help

28.  Make A 1 Year Bucket List

29.  Fast For 24 Hours Once A Week

30.  Unplug Electronics For One Day

31.  Go Camping For A Weekend

32.  Learn The Sales Process

33.  Continuously Ask Questions

34.  Call A Childhood Friend

35.  Plan on Going To Bed And Rising Earlier

36.  Try Taking Colder Showers

37.  Be Polite And Say No More Often

38.  Say Thank You at Least 10 Times A Day

39.  Say Excuse Me In More Situations

40.  Eat More Protein Rich Foods

41.  Decide What and Where You Will Be in 3 Years

42.  Clean Your Closets And Drawers Throughout Your Home

43.  Volunteer At A Place You Can Be Passionate About

44.  Organize All Your Holiday Decorations

45.  Paint All your Rooms To Freshen Them Up

46.  Fix All The Little Things In Your Home

47.  Find A Great Part Time Job

48.  Relax By Yourself For One Hour A Day

49.  Genuinely Apologize To People You’ve Mistreated

50.   Investigate A Theism Or Spirituality That You Can Believe In

51.  Invite People Over To The House More Often

52.  Save 5-10% Of Your Income In a Special Account 

53.  Donate Your Unused Goods To A Worthy Cause

54.  Buy A Smaller Home

55.  Don’t Check Your Email Until One Hour After You Wake Up

56.  Change One Big Thing In Your Life Each Year

57.  Take More Personal and Professional Risks

58.  Define What Wealth & Happiness Mean To You

59.   Eat Out Less Often Every Week

60.  Introduce A New Income Stream Into Your Life

61.  Try 5 New Vegetables or Fruits

62.  Identify A Bad Habit and Put In An Action Plan to Change It

63.   Go To Live Theatre More Often

64.  Join 1-2 Clubs Or Organizations

65.  Make Your Bed Every Morning

66.  Clean Your Dishes Every Night

67.  Write A Short Note To Someone Each Day

68.  Learn A New Word Every Day And Use It

69.  Spend More Quality Time With Your Parents

70.  Learn Where All your Family Members Are Buried

71.  Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

72.   Know What Your BMI Is And Ways to Make It Better

73.   Make Your Credit Score Improve

74.  Floss Your Teeth Daily

75.  Help Your Neighbors With Some Project

76.  Eat At Least One Meal With Your Family Each Day

77.  Reflect On Your Blessings Every Night Before You Go To Bed

78.  Cut Back On Pain Medication

79.  Exercise Every Day

80.  Drink Whole Milk

81.  Reduce Your Alcohol Intake Per Week

82.  Get A New Animal

83.  Watch & Enjoy Your Grandkids

84.  Be Prompt And Don’t Keep People Waiting              

85.  Change The Batteries in Your Important Devices 

86.  Park Far Away From The Store Door

87.  Find A Job That You Really Like

88.  Surround Yourself With Good, Kind People

89.  Be Part Of A Team

90.  Care Less About What Others Think

91.  Keep Looking For Good Investments

92.  Find The Right Mechanic

93.  Go To The Hardware Store And Build Something New

94.  Say Hello To Others First

95.  Learn A New Language For The Fun Of It

96.  Cut Back Your Total TV Time

97.  Make A Written List Of What You have Learned Each Day

98.  Spend More Time At The Beach

99.  Create An Art Project For Your Home

100.  Send Flowers And Surprise Them           

101.  Plant Something